Kofsky Mortgage

Investment Property.

Investing in properties can be an exciting opportunity and can be very rewarding. It is important at this stage to take a quick breath and analyze your financial situation. Once you have decided this is the right decision for you, please give me a call. This is one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of my service.

I can be your best asset for unbiased professional advice when you are looking to purchase your investment property. The first step to ensure you are looking at the right homes in the right locations we should ensure you are qualified for the right amount at the very start.

Nothing is worse when you waste time and energy. Let’s avoid this and get you pre-approved first. Then you can shop in the right price range and beat out less prepared buyers who did not take the time to get pre-qualified. Ask your realtor and they will say a better-prepared client is the more likely approved client. We should all work together to ensure it is simple and enjoyable for you. Just take another breath, this is a very exciting time! 

Give me a call anytime to discuss at 604-202-9913.