Kofsky Mortgage

Alternative Lending and Self Employment.

Alternative Lending

There are many situations where alternative lending might be necessary for you or your family. Many people believe that alternative lending means that you have bad credit. This isn’t necessarily the case. It is just another option that is available to help you get a mortgage that you may need. I am happy to help and share information about alternative lending, the options and how they best serve you.

My goal is to help you after you receive your mortgage to assist you in rearranging your financial situation and allow you to apply for a traditional mortgage loan. I always strive to be your mortgage partner through every situation and will turn over every stone and look at every possible option to ensure you put your best foot forward.


Self Employed or Entrepreneur

The general thought is that since you are an entrepreneur or self-employed that you may have trouble obtaining a mortgage. This is not necessarily true and there are many options available to you regardless of your type of income.

This can be a fairly straight forward process when working with me. When you apply for your mortgage, you will be asked for different types of income forms to support your application than a regular salaried employee would be asked for. The lender just wants the security and the knowledge that you can safely pay back your mortgage loan. From this point, we will work together and look at all the options that correspond to you. Please reach out anytime, I am happy to help. 

My number is 604-202-9913.